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Using the latest trends in the market, our customers always gain an edge over the competition.

About us Portfolio

About us

We craft with passion and full commitment

We are a creative team composed of mainly young and ambitious people. Every day we work together in our office, which is located in Rzeszów. We approach each project with the utmost amount of ambition and make every effort to ensure its completion. We constantly follow technological trends and innovation in the IT marker to ensure the highest quality of services and software. Thanks to this, our customers always gain an edge over the competition.

Why work with us?

The IT market is changing from a day to day basis, so it is important to follow the latest trends and not be afraid of changes. Nowadays the one who stays in place without change will only go backward in the market.



New age solutions which empower your company to make bigger gains and be more innovative


Unconventional solutions that comprehensively meet all the needs of your company


Experiments and studies which help built innovative solutions


We supply high-quality services for Your company

Web apps
Mobile apps
Motion detection
Social Media marketing
Research & development

R+D Projects

Research and development projects

Prowadzimy projekty B+R z zakresu rozpoznawania obrazu. Głównie szukamy zastosowań sensora Kinect 2.0 w biznesie oraz życiu codziennym.

Sterowanie komputerem za pomocą mimiki twarzy

Wykorzystanie masowo produkowanego sensora Kinect 2.0 do sterowania komputerem za pomocą twarzy

Jednym z naszych projektów badawczych był produkt Face Controller, czyli oprogramowanie oparte na sensorze Kinect 2.0 pozwalające użytkownikowi sterować komputerem za pomocą twarzy. Produkt tworzony był z myślą o osobach niepełnosprawnych, które nie mają możliwości sterowania komputerem w tradycyjny sposób, czyli za pomocą myszki i klawiatury. Oprogramowanie potrafi rozpoznawać ruchy głowy, mimikę twarzy oraz mowę, dzięki czemu użytkownik może operować komputerem bez użycia rąk.

Innovative solutions
Creative approaches
New technologies
Unconventional thinking
Attention to detail

— The key to success in the market —

Our Portfolio

Accomplishments, which we can be proud of.

The following projects we have completed for our clients. We also have a couple of in-house products which created according to our own concept. This is not a complete list of our implementations because sometimes we are obliged to maintain confidentiality.

How we work

Designing products or services

To ensure the highest quality of our services and products we use a proven design process. We make sure that each step is fully cooperated on and is smoothly transitioned

Identification of needs

Examining what our client really needs and finding out ways to meet those needs.


Developing the concept of a service or product which will be tailor-made to the individual client needs.


Production of a product or service that is based on the concept developed and accepted by the client.


Implementation of the final product or service.

The disclosed process is an example. It all depends on the individual projects and requirements.

Our Statistics

A few numbers describing our company

Cups of coffee
Years on the market

These numbers are increasing day by day. You can also contribute to their growth.

Our Successes

Prizes and awards

Seeing as programming is our main passion, we participated in competitions about technology. Some of which we even managed to win and get prizes.

ABB IT Challenge 2013

I miejsce - ABB IT Challenge 2013
The purpose of the competition was to design an application that helped in the servicing of a city. More information in this article.

Imagine Cup 2014

1st place - Imagine Cup Polska 2014
The purpose of the competition was to design a product in the category of "World Citizenship". More information in this article.

Kosiniak Kamysz

Minister of Labour and Social Poolicy honorable mention
Władysław Kosiniak Kamysz mention our product Face Controller. More information in this article.

Innowator podkarpacia

Innovator 2015 award (Podkarpackie Voivodeship)
Most innovative company in Podkarpackie Voivodeship. More information in this article.

Innowator podkarpacia

I Place - Startup Weekend Rzeszów 2016
First place in Startup Weekend Rzeszów. More information in this article.


Inspirational speech

We are doing presentations, speech.

Norbert Pisz on Polish public speakers list We made some presentation:

  • Programming human body by using Kinect
  • How to build startup, from idea to success

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We work with Polish and international clients

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Phone: +48 886 668 544

Risenbit Sp. z o. o.
Poznańska 2c/9 Street,
35-084 Rzeszów
EU: PL 813-36-73-127